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We often forget to appreciate the good things around us. Sometimes, we need to help our brains find some balance. The best part? It only takes a minute to refocus on the things that matter—things that bring us joy, make us stronger, and keep us going when times are tough. That’s what the 7 minute challenge is here to help you with.

We all have a bunch of ‘tools in our toolbox’ that we can use to help keep us mentally fit and healthy. For most people there are already a lot of things we do each day that are having a positive impact. Research shows us that taking a proactive, preventative approach to your mental health can help you live a happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilling life. That’s what Take a minute is all about!

Getting to know my teammates more throughout this experience was one of the unexpected highlights for me and it made it so much more meaningful.

The 7 minute challenge helped me to affirm for myself some of the things that matter most to me right now. While I can identify these things quite naturally - this challenge had me thinking about why and that became the piece that mattered for me.

Pulling this information together has been really useful to identify both what is important to me and resources available, and the need to actually do it.

The 7 minute challenge felt like a breath of fresh air in our office. I found myself looking forward to each morning, curious to see what the topic of the day would be. Some days were easy to think about my response, others required a bit more consideration which I enjoyed. The highlight was reading everyone else’s responses. I got to learn more about my colleagues, start conversations and feel more connected to the people that I spend 40 hours with every week.

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