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7 minute challenge Case Studies


One Tasmanian workplace nominated a staff member from their wellbeing group to lead the 7 minute challenge in their workplace.  The challenge leader set up a dedicated 7 minute challenge Teams channel and then sent an email out to all staff inviting anyone who wanted to join.

The challenge was run across two work weeks (not weekends).  Each day the leader sent the day’s prompt as well as a model answer through Teams and invited participants to share their answer. About 18 people joined and on average, about 12 people participated each day of the challenge, either by sharing their answer to the prompt or by liking or commenting on someone else’s answer.

People who didn’t work full time could catch up on their answer if they missed a day.  All staff had access to a 7 minute challenge action sheet that they could complete and keep.

Feedback from participants included enhanced connection between staff.  Some continued with the creation of a new Teams channel used during the week to share joyful moments with colleagues.

Community group

A community group meeting weekly undertook the 7 minute challenge.  The group facilitator planned 7 weeks of activities around the 7 prompts. For example, in week two when the prompt invites reflection on connections, the facilitator invited the manager of a volunteer visiting program to speak to the challenge participants about volunteering to visit people in their community.  For week three, the facilitator developed a Venn diagram to help the participants to identify their purpose and what brings meaning to their life.

The group also kept journals and used magazine pictures to illustrate their answers to the prompts.

The participants discovered the importance of having a range of things that impact their wellbeing positively.  They learnt that prioritising the things, people and places that were important to them could help their mental health.

A family

A family (mum, dad, four adult children and two of the children’s partners) used a group chat on messenger as a way to do the 7 minute challenge.  The dad introduced the challenge the day before day one’s prompt went out.  He invited his family to participate by sharing photos under the prompts.  Each day for the next seven days, the dad put the day’s prompt into the chat and provided his answer.  All the family members had access to the prompts and could respond each day with a message/photo of their own. Each family member had a 7 minute challenge action sheet that they could complete and keep.

Feedback about the challenge included enhanced connections between family members and enjoyment of sharing memories.