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What is
Take a Minute?


Why should my group do the 7 minute challenge?

All organisations have a responsibility to promote mental wellbeing to their staff and volunteers. Take a minute is a strengths based, health promotion initiative that helps people identify the things, people and places that they already have in their life that contribute to their mental wellbeing. Using Take a minute in your workplace can be an important part of your plan to provide a mentally healthy workplace culture.

How do I do the 7 minute challenge?

If you share the challenge with a group (your colleagues, your club, your family or friends) you can sign up as a partner or ‘there’s a bunch of us’ and a Community Capacity Building Project Officer will be in touch with everything you need.  If it’s just you, you can sign up on our website to take the 7 minute challenge. Each day for 7 days you will be sent a prompt and a link to your Take a minute Action Sheet.

Can anyone participate?

Take a minute is aimed at the whole of the population. The 7 minute challenge has been designed to be accessible for anyone, because it is inviting people to identify the things, people and places that they love. There isn’t any need to start or buy something new to participate and the answers to the prompts will be as varied as the individuals who take part.

How many people should we have in the 7 minute challenge?

We have found that 8-12 is a good number of participants in a challenge group. This is not too small so that it doesn’t feel too intimate, but not so large that people have to scroll through a large volume of posts to find the prompt. It has been good to see the engagement in groups around this size and the feeling that as well as contributing to their mental wellbeing, people are getting to know their colleagues or fellow volunteers better. If your group has more people than this, consider making a couple of groups, or start with a smaller group and ask each of those initial participants to lead a group of their own.

Which communication channel should I use to run the challenge?

The communication channel you use to run the challenge depends on what works best for your group. If you are at work, your HR team may be able to advise you on the most appropriate channel such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp or Microsoft Viva (Yammer). You can also share the prompts on social media and invite people to respond in the comments; email the prompts each day; use Facebook messenger or Instagram chat, share in an SMS group or even give the prompts face to face.

It’s important that the channel you use makes sense for your group and is accessible for the people who are involved. It is best if the group is closed and only used for the people who are doing the challenge.

Should people share their answers?

One of the great things about Take a minute is that when people share their answers, it’s like they are putting tools into a toolbox that everyone can use. It’s also a good way to get to know each other and find out more about what you have in common.

It’s important that people know that sharing their answer isn’t compulsory. Some people are naturally very private (especially if they keep their work and home life separate), but it’s important to make sure that they can also participate in the challenge.

What is a launch event?

A launch event is a great idea to build excitement and set expectations for the 7 minute challenge. The goal of your launch event would be to explain why you are running the challenge, what people need to do to participate each day (choose a photo from their camera roll, share it and think about their why) and explain that while sharing is helpful for everyone it isn’t compulsory. You can also use the launch event to hand out Z cards and pens or stickers to your participants.

If you don’t have the time to spare for a launch event, you can email your participants with all the information that they need.

What is a wrap up event?

Your wrap up event is a great opportunity to bring everyone together after 7 days of sharing. Some people might want to share their pause or provide feedback on how they went with the challenge. It can also be a time to celebrate the end of the challenge and talk about how people will use their pause in the months to come.

How do we fill in the Action Sheet?

The Take a minute Action Sheet is designed to be given to participants at the start of the 7-minute challenge, and for them to complete the sheet as the prompts are given on each of the 7 days. The Action Sheet then becomes a lasting reminder of the things, people and places that contribute to the participant’s well-being, as well as containing their pause statement – what they want to do more of to improve the way they feel every day.

The Take a minute Action Sheet can be downloaded and printed to write on, or it can be saved and written on as a PDF document. There are a limited number of foldable Z cards that are available from your Community Capacity Building Project Officer.

What do we do next?

The 7-minute challenge is designed to be run 2 or 3 times in a calendar year. We know that things change in people’s lives and repeating the challenge means we might identify even more resources that contribute to our wellbeing. In between, Take a minute has developed A minute more which invites people to consider other domains of wellbeing and participate in short activities to promote their mental health. Each A minute more prompt will be available on the Take a minute website on the 1st day of each month here.

There may be other ways to keep the momentum going though, that will work for your group. Perhaps you could start your weekly or monthly meetings by inviting people to share a photo of their favourite place or something they are doing for self-care. Or incorporate the new monthly prompts into your monthly meetings. Another way to keep wellbeing front of mind is asking people if they have had a chance to visit their favourite place or see their favourite person lately.

What is the difference between Take a minute and the 7 minute challenge?

Take a minute is an evidence-based health promotion campaign designed by the Mental Health Council of Tasmania, in partnership with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Be Well Co. The 7 minute challenge is an activity within Take a minute that can be undertaken by individuals, groups or organisations.

What are people saying about Take a minute?

“It raised mental health conversations – e.g. how we deal with stress.”

Lifeline staff member after doing the 7 minute challenge with their work team


“Doing the challenge made me check in with myself more.”

Central Coast Council staff member after doing the 7 minute challenge with their work team


“It prompted me to think about different aspects of my wellbeing, and increase my awareness of things in my life that I already do to maintain my wellbeing.”

7 minute challenge participant


“I’ve not seen this approach to anything to do with mental health before. I thought it was quite innovative. Its simplicity made me think is it really worth doing? But eventually the more I return to look at it, yes. It is worth doing.”

Geoff, Live Well Tasmania community group participant, Wynyard


“I was thinking through the questions about my purpose and how I embrace growth. Both of those made me reflect that I might have lost my own direction for the last little bit. So I had a mentoring session yesterday, and it was interesting that that was fresh on my mind, so it was something that I discussed with my mentor. I found it really useful that maybe that might help me get back on my right pathway.”

Central Coast Council staff member after doing the 7 minute challenge with their work team