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Take a minute to think about what’s important to you in 2024.

With 2024 underway, now is a great time to focus on areas of your life that will benefit your wellbeing. 

Whether it is a new goal or continuing to build on something you’re already doing. Take a minute to identify one of the following wellbeing areas you care about and want to do more of.  Think about why you’ve chosen this area, and where you’d like to see yourself in 1 or 2 months? 

Make a note of the area you want to focus on and put a reminder in your phone or on the fridge to check in and see how it’s going in a month or two.   

Take a minute to share your goal with your friends, colleagues or family.  Evidence shows that when we tell others about our goals, we’re more likely to follow through with them. 

Don’t forget to take a minute to share this prompt and your answer with your friends, colleagues or family. We’d love to hear how you went too, you can email us at or tag us with #takeaminute and #aminutemore on Instagram and Facebook.


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