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Welcome to the 7 minute challenge! For the next 7 days you’re going to Take a minute to explore what makes you, well, you. We’ll find what makes you happy and fulfills your life.

What I found is it really did make me think about what's important to me and what I like and what makes me happy, and I never asked myself those questions before

Deb, Live Well Tasmania community group participant, Wynyard

The 7 minute challenge provided personal connection and the ability to be involved – connection is so important

Training course participant, Lived Experience Training Hub, Hobart

Taking a minute to pause and reflect on our self-care practices has been transformative for our whole team. Amidst the chaos of daily routines, it’s common to overlook personal wellbeing. Embracing the intentional pause allows us to recharge, prioritise self-love and approach life with a clearer perspective

Trista Abbott, New Mornings, Ulverstone